Values & Ethos

Our Vision 

Let us Love one another for love is from God 1: John 4-7

Learning and worshipping together.


At Tushingham we provide every child with a loving, caring  environment where each pupil feels safe, respected and valued. Encouraged by a supportive family ethos and Christian worship which teaches of God’s, unconditional love, Tushingham pupils are determined, ambitious learners, each feeling nurtured as the strive to fulfil their potential. Our Christian ethos and curriculum are interwoven so as to teach children empathy and compassion for others, whilst giving them knowledge, thoughts, actions and attitudes for themselves that guide them to make a positive impact in the world, both now and in the future.


We encourage the children to live out our core Christian values through following ‘The Tushingham Way.'



Core Christian Values


The Tushingham Way

Learn from one another


We listen and do as we are asked.

Value one another

We are kind and helpful in what we say and do.

Love one another

We take care of everyone and everything in our school.

Encourage one another

We try our best in everything we do.


Respect one another

We keep our hands and feet to ourselves.



Our aims

This is our school:


a place where every child is safe

a place where every person is valued and respected

a place where the caring Christian ethos is central to everything we do

a place where all efforts and achievements are celebrated

a place where we encourage everyone to make healthy life choices

a place where everyone is encouraged to make a positive contribution

St. Chad's Church, Tushingham


We pride ourselves on giving our pupils a rich and varied education of the

highest quality that is challenging, creative and fun. We aspire to the

highest standards in achievement and attainment for all, celebrating and

fostering the talents of all our children.


During collective Worship we focus on 1 Christian Value each term : 

Year A  (Sept 2020-July 2021) (Sept 2022-July 2023) Year B (Sept 2021-July2022) (Sept 2023-July2024) 
Autum 1 Generosity Autumn 1 Thanksgiving
Autumn 2 Compassion Autumn 2 Trust
Spring 1 Courage Spring 1 Perseverance
Spring 2 Forgiveness Spring 2 Justice
Summer 1 Friendship Summer 1 Service
Summer 2 Respect Summer 2 Truthfulness

We encourage our families to continue to consider the values at home and provide home values activities sheets to help with this. 

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