Tushingham-with-Grindley Primary School recognise computing is an increasingly significant part of the lives and future careers of the children at our school and are therefore striving to provide high-quality teaching and learning of the requisite computing skills and knowledge.  We recognise the unique nature of computing in the way that it inspires and motivates learners and can provide an opportunity for typically unconfident learners to demonstrate assurance and familiarity.  We adopted the ‘Teach Computing’ scheme of work from NCCE (National Centre for Computing Education) at the start of the 2021-22 academic year - this also supports training for staff to improve their delivery of the computing curriculum.  Our aim is to ensure all children are given a broad and comprehensive computing curriculum so that they leave our school able to utilise, and take advantage of, new developments in technology around them.


  • Foster a love for all aspects of computing, and recognise its value in the wider world
  • Meet the age-related expectations in all areas of computing – computer science, digital literacy and ICT
  • Use the World Wide Web safely and know how to resolve any issues pertaining to e-safety
  • Work both collaboratively and independently to make links to prior learning and other subjects
  • Consolidate key skills from core subjects
  • Overcome problems using resourcefulness and resilience
  • Develop a strong computing vocabulary through which they can explain, discuss and question their computing learning
  • Navigate a range of software and hardware to achieve learning goals
  • Debug programs, think creatively and challenge themselves to solve problems in different ways
  • Apply computing skills between different software by understanding the key guiding principles – sometimes through ‘unplugged’ computing sessions
  • Elaborate on, and experiment with, taught skills and processes.


  • An engaging, pre-developed scheme which is adapted to the needs of our learners through a creative curriculum;
  •  A hub of resources and training to support staff in this relatively specialised subject area so as to improve staff confidence and improve overall quality of teaching and learning
  • Teaching is organised into the requisite units and separate subjects required to be taught by the 2014 National Curriculum. All learning outcomes can be described through a high-level taxonomy of ten strands;
  • Clearly developed to ensure progression of skills and understanding year on year. The units for key stages 1 and 2 are based on a spiral curriculum. Each of the themes is revisited regularly (at least once in each year group), and pupils revisit each theme through a new unit that consolidates and builds on prior learning within that theme.
  • One hour a week of designated computing lessons, where computing is not confused with ‘online research’ or the non-computing use of laptops or tablets in other subject areas;
  • Designed and adapted to relate to children’s life experiences in order to allow them to understand complex computing ideas and processes;
  • Valued by staff and children as a vital part of the curriculum and modern life;
  • Accessed via a range of hardware which is regularly updated and renewed as required;
  • Strengthened by high expectations of staff, clear and specific subject vocabulary and the relevant application of
  • Reflective of the school’s safeguarding and e-safety policies, through specific teaching in computing and PSHE lessons, as well as in celebration of Safer Internet Day


Children demonstrate clear progression in skills in each year as they revisit recurring computing topics.  They deepen their understanding of core computing principles such as coding, computer networks and algorithms.  When faced with challenges or specific problems to solve, children are able to work independently or collaboratively to find a solution based on prior learning and critical thinking.  In particular, children at Tushingham will be inspired to further their understanding of computing and seek to pursue it further into later life, having been taught how integral it has become to so many parts of human existence in the modern world.

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