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Religious Education is at the core of our Tushingham curriculum and driven by our desire to enable pupils to think deeply about the beliefs of others in order to develop their own world view.   Through learning about Christianity, alongside other World Religions and Non-religious world views, pupils develop their own worldview, flourishing into individuals who will impact the world positively


We believe that it is important for all our pupils to learn from and about religion, so that they can understand the world around them.

As a Christian school we have a strong desire to teach about the beliefs and practices of Christians, but within the Religious education curriculum ensure that this is balanced by teaching that informs pupils about other world religions and non-religious world views.

Driven by our vision ‘Let us love one another for love is from God’, we enable pupils to have accurate current knowledge about different world religions and non-religious world views so that they understand the ways people live and impact the world because of their beliefs.

We provide pupils with sufficient knowledge of the world religions studied so that they are able to then see them not just as stand alone ‘boxed off’ beliefs but instead are able to make links between the different practices and ideologies

By using RE to enable our pupils to understand how having a belief positively impacts the lives and cultures of people, we seek to encourage pupils to explore for themselves their own beliefs in order to develop their own world view. 


  • The Tushingham RE curriculum, follows the Agreed CWAC RE syllabus, while incorporating materials from  ‘Understanding Christianity’ and the Diocese of Chester scheme of work.
  • Using a 2 year rolling program pupils have planned opportunities to revisit and build on their learning about each World religion studied, but with a different focus within each unit of learning.
  • Use of real artefacts, video clips and visiting speakers is planned into the units so as to ensure the pupils gain an understanding about current practice and beliefs within each religion in a manner that is relevant and engaging. 
  • Use of persona dolls and engaging fiction texts enable all children, but particularly EYFS and KS1 pupils, provides an accessible approach to learning about Religion as and other non-religious world views.
  • The curriculum builds in critical engagement with theological texts, particularly through the use of ‘understanding Christianity’ units and exploring texts associated with our vision and values eg The Golden Rule. Not only using biblical texts, but also those from the sacred texts of other world religions as well as those relevant to non-religious worldviews, we help pupils to have a full understanding of the basis of peoples’ beliefs and culture and give an opportunity to see the links similarities between beliefs so as to build respect.
  • As pupils build their knowledge about different beliefs and world views, this in leads pupils to an understanding of how in practice peoples’ lives and thus the world are impacted by their religious or non-religious world view .
  • Throughout their learning in RE (enhanced by the wider school curriculum) pupils are greatly encouraged to critically reflect on the impact their knowledge and understanding religions and non-religious world views has on their own beliefs and world view. Through planned or spontaneous spiritual development opportunities pupils are actively encouraged to develop their own world view and openly discuss with the Tushingham family what is important to them.


Our RE curriculum, interwoven with our Christian ethos and curriculum gives our pupils knowledge and understanding about the beliefs of others so that they can then make a show respect, empathy and compassion for others. Our pupils make links between their own lives and the lives of others in the community. They understand vocabulary and symbolism relevant and important to other religions or non-religious world views and, as such, utilise this knowledge when they encounter it in their daily lives to show respect and understanding to the lives of others. Tushingham pupils are supported by the RE curriculum so as to be able to reflect on deep / philosophical questions relating to issues in society feeling supported to explore and express their thoughts and view-points because of their own developing worldview. By being encouraged to create their own world view /beliefs, supported by the knowledge gained during RE learning, Tushingham pupils flourish as individuals, being able to use their own knowledge, thoughts, and attitudes to choose actions for themselves that make a positive impact on the world, both now and in the future.

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