Enhanced curriculum

We aim to make our curriculum engaging and exciting for our children by including additional opportunities that bring their learning to life. Our enhanced curriculum documents  show some of the opportunities that encourage our children to love learning and learn well.

In addition to this, activities are woven into the curriculum responding to current affairs, children's interests and one-off opportunities. For example: church events, the Olympics or World Cup, visiting artists, musicians or science workshops, events in the community, dance competitions - the list is endless.  These kinds of opportunities add cultural capital by inspiring children to try something new and really discover themselves, unlocking their interests, and have high aspirations.

In school, our school council and ethos group - the Tushingham VIVAs - are responsible for reflecting and acting upon pupil voice and promoting the Christian vision of our school: through 'Learning together and Worshipping together' that we 'Love one another for love is from God'. Junior safety officers relay messages from our PCSO to promote children's understanding of how to keep themselves safe. 

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