Class 2 2020 - 2021

Mrs Jones

Welcome to Class 2

Years 1 and 2     Teacher: Mrs Jones     Teaching Assistant: Mrs Richards

Spring 2 - 2021

It has been so lovely to welcome you all back to school. Once again, our classroom is full of happy smiles and eager learners. In only a few weeks, you have all settled back into the routine of school and you have been doing some fantastic work.

In our maths lessons, we have been recapping our addition and subtraction strategies, by making sure that we have secure number bond knowledge, which helps us add and subtract larger numbers more effectively. Applying our knowledge to money problems really shows that we are secure with our learning.

In English, we have been exploring the book, ‘The Lion Inside’. We have been looking closely at the characters in the book, in preparation for writing our own version of a story set in Africa. Our own stories will have new characters, detail and description, conjunctions and a variety of sentence types.

Our science unit for this half term is all about animals, including humans. We will explore lifecycles and how animals adapt to their environment. Our Topic of ‘Born to be Wild’, which focusses on African animals, will give us a fantastic variety of wild animals to learn about.

We have been creating dance routines in response to the story of Handa’s Surprise in our PE lessons. We have listened to some pieces of music and then represented the animals through expressive movements and actions. We will build up our dances each week, to finally create a class dance which represents the whole story.

In RE, we are learning about Jesus as a very important person for Christians. We have learnt about Jesus as a leader, teacher and healer. We have listened to stories from the Bible and explored the moral, in order to help us apply this to our own life. Towards the end of term, we will learn about the Easter story.

We have also completed a special project about Christian crosses from around the world. Our class focussed on the El Salvador cross. We have lots of these crosses around our school and we created our own beautiful versions using inks.

In Geography, we have been exploring the seven continents of the world. We are now learning about the continent of Africa, with a particular focus on the country of Kenya. We have been looking closely at the human and physical features of the country, to help us make our comparisons with the UK.

We have explored all types of puppets and then designed our own finger puppets based on African animals in our DT lessons. We learnt some new skills, which were quite tricky, such as cutting material, sewing and joining. They turned out better than we all imagined. They were superb!

What a fantastic start to the school term you have made Class 2!



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