Class 2 2021 - 2022

Mrs Jones

Welcome to Class 2

Years 1 and 2     Teacher: Mrs Jones     Teaching Assistant: Mrs Richards

2021-2022 Autumn 1

What a great start to the new term we have had! In key stage 1, children will continue to learn in a fun and practical way, through focussed teaching and learning sessions. There will also be opportunities for free learning (Continuous Provision sessions) to ensure that they learn through their own interests and have a smooth transition into their new year group.

Our theme for autumn 1 is ‘This is Me!’ - appreciating ourselves and others, and recognising that differences and similarities between us make us special and unique.

In English, we will focus on developing the children’s knowledge of letters and sounds (phonics) to help them read and spell more accurately. We will develop their composition skills; encouraging them to articulate and communicate ideas, and then put these ideas into sentences to create character descriptions. The children will learn through an engaging focus text.

In maths, we will be concentrating on developing the children’s knowledge of numbers – place value, sequencing, ordering and counting. This will then create a solid foundation from which to solve addition and subtraction calculations. They will have the opportunity to learn through hands-on activities, and we will also enhance their problem solving, communicating and reasoning skills through a range of real-life maths problems.

In science, we will learn about ourselves and the five senses. We will label parts of the body and learn about which body parts are responsible for each sense. Our sensory lessons will be taught through Forest School sessions.

In R.E, our unit will focus on what it means to belong to our school, our community and also to a faith group. We will learn to appreciate that although we may be different, everyone is equal, valued and special.

In P.E, we will be participating in multi-skills. During these lessons, the children will take part in a range of activities that will enhance their agility, balance and coordination as well as practising their throwing, catching and kicking skills. P.E. will be on a Tuesday and Wednesday (with Steve and Andy). On P.E. days, we ask for children to come into school wearing their P.E. kits. This is the yellow school t-shirt, blue shorts and trainers. As the weather gets colder, a tracksuit may be required to keep them warm during outdoor activities.

For art, we will focus on the work of three sculptors. We will compare and contrast their sculptures of the human form and then create our own versions out of pipe cleaners, foil and clay. Finally, we will create our own mini version of Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ exhibition in our classroom!

In history, we will be looking at the lives of Rosa Parks and Emily Davison, and we will discover how these two significant women from the past helped to change the lives of many people. We will look at the impact that their courageous actions have had on the future generations, through their fight for equality.

This year, Planning Preparation and Assessment time (PPA) for class 2 will be on a Monday afternoon. During this time, the class will be taught music and computing by Mrs Latham. In computing, we will learn about technology around us, and in music, we will focus on rhythm and pulse.

Children will have a weekly piece of homework. This will be set on Google Classroom on a Friday. I will also upload some links to interactive maths and phonics games, which will help to consolidate learning. Each week, children will have a spelling list based on the sounds that they have learnt in phonics that week. Spellings will be tested on a Thursday morning and new word lists will ready to take home on a Friday. A new reading book will be given out on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday. We ask for you to keep the book for two nights to develop fluency and comprehension of the text on the second evening.

Notes for your diary:

Monday – Mrs Jones PPA - pm

Tuesday – PE kit

Wednesday – PE Kit

Thursday – Spelling test

Friday – Homework due in and given out. New spelling lists given out.



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