Early Years Foundation Stage


At Tushingham CE Primary, we believe that all pupils should be given opportunities to develop their curiosity and creativity within an inclusive, nurturing, exciting and engaging environment. We pay particular attention to children’s interests, adapting planning and activities accordingly, to ensure that children’s personal, social and emotional development remains at the heart of all that we do. Our experienced Early Years team plan carefully to ensure that the balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities support individual development. Staff have high expectations of all children, facilitating their learning in all areas of the EYFS curriculum.


A high quality, personalised education is provided for all pupils, with an emphasis on learning through practical, hands-on experiences. The children learn through purposeful play with a balance of adult led and child initiated activities, with the aim to maintain focus on learning during both.The non-statutory guidance Development Matters informs teaching through nursery and reception. There is a clear expected progression in both phonics, english and maths knowledge and skills throughout the year - this is continually assessed and tracked in an online platform to inform personalised next steps. Children learn in whole class and small groups, short adult led activities, and self-chosen activities both indoors and outdoors; the environment is regularly enhanced to reflect new topics and children’s own interests and experiences. 


Children enjoy coming into school and are motivated to learn, demonstrating high levels of engagement in activities. They develop their speaking and listening skills, enabling them to access wider learning and interact with both adults and peers. Children develop an understanding of the world around them and can draw on these experiences and link this to their learning. Children are confident to take risks and discuss their successes and failures, enhancing their independence and ability to solve problems more effectively. Children within our setting make excellent progress and are ready to make a smooth transition into Year 1. 

Almost all children achieve the Early Learning Goals. 

The end of year expectations are in the attached documents.

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