Collective Worship

Daily collective worship is an important part of  school life at Tushingham. We see it as an opportunity for pupils to explore and develop their world view, and explore how our school vision can be lived out in the world.  Using the 'Roots and Fruits' publication as a structure,our worship focuses on  a different Christian value, each half term.


Year A 

Year B

Generosity Thankfulness
Compassion Trust
Courage Perseverance
Forgiveness Justice
Friendship Service
Respect Truthfulness

 We use sacred texts, stories, poems, music, artwork and drama to create interactive learning within our worship, on which the pupils are given opportunities to reflect before they respond by considering how the worship might lead them to change the way they live their lives. After each Collective worship, the children are particularly encouraged to reflect on our vision statement:

'LET US LOVE ONE ANOTHER FOR LOVE IS FROM GOD' 1:John 4:7  Learning together and Worshipping together.


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